The commercial begins with a woman shopping in the grocery store. She is in an aisle with paper towels - Brawny and "the other brand". She starts to choose the other brand and hears some faint singing. She she looks over, the Brawny man logo is singing "Lean on Me". As the camera zooms out, we see that all the Brawny packages are singing. We are then shown a woman in her kitchen with a blender spilling pink liquid everywhere which she uses a Brawny paper towel to clean up with. In the next scene, a mother is showing her young son how to clean a dirty pan using a Brawny paper towel, then a young girl cleans paint off her father's face, and a mother pouring out a pile of wet grapes onto a paper towel,

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Brawny now comes with a money-back guarantee. If you want a paper towel that can do it all, lean on me. Brawny never lets you down 
Lean on me 
When you need something strong 
I'll be your friend 
I'll help you carry on. 
Call on me brother when you need a hand 
We all need somebody to lean on 
When you need something strong

Written Text

Quality, Strength, Durability 
Premium performance money back guarantee

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