The commercial begins with a woman using some bright green spraypaint which she sprays over the camera view. The then show her painting a piece of wood which we later see is a bed's headboard. There are several projects going on at the family's home from the mother, father, kids, and even grandparents. They are using spray paint for several projects including bookshelves, planters, chairs, coffee table, picture frames, a wicker chair, and various other things. Everything is move colorful, cleaner, brighter, and better looking.

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Rustoleum Ultracover 2X gives you twice the coverage, twice as fast as any other brand. For nearly 100 years, we've been giving people the power to change.

Written Text

Be twice as beautiful 
Twice colorful as be 
Colorful be as twice 
Be twice as colorful 
Get twice the coverage 
This changes everything

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