"Mixing it Up" 
This Old Navy ad features the SuperModelquins (super model mannequins) who have just moved into a new house and throw a party (mixer) for their new neighbors (real people). The first shot is one of the mannequin telling a "_____er, I don't even know her" joke. The next shot is one of the mannequin pouring a guy a drink, but not paying attention so the drink is overflowing. Then we see two of the women go over to a stand and ask for "something good". The mannequin suggests a top that is one part "tank" (tanktop) and one part "cardi" (cardigan) which someone refers to as a "cardi cocktail". We then see a guy dancing to "Whoop There It Is".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Filmed in front of a fake audience. 
I said "plaster", I don't even know her. You feel me? 
Our first mixer with the new neighbors (when) seems to be going well (when!). 
What'll it be ladies. 
Mix me up something good. 
How about one part tank, one part cardi? 
Mmmm, that's a cardi cocktail. 
Ooh, I'll have what their having. 
Mix it up this week with a Cardi Cocktail. Cardis $20, Tanks $10 at your neighborhood Old Navy

Written Text

Old Navy First & Fabulous (First St. and Fabulous Ave.) 
Cardi Cocktail 
Cardis $20 
Tanks $10 
Wardrobe provided by Old Navy

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