A young woman is in a subway/train station, waiting for the subway to come by. As she waits on the platform, the picture on her shirt comes to life and begins blowing bubbles. The bubbles represent the scent beads that are being released with every movement she makes. The subway arrives and she steps on the train, tugging at her shirt, releasing more bubbles/scent beads. She is bumped by another passenger, releasing more of the scent from the Bounce dryer sheets. The commercial ends with a picture of laundry tumbling in a dryer, followed by a picture of the new Bounce product.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

New Bounce Awakenings, lets you enjoy renewed freshness throughout your day. They're a new dryer sheet, infused with scent beads that gently burst as you move, renewing the freshness of your clothes throught the day.  
Awaken ordinary moments with new Bounce Awakenings.

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Ordinary Day
performed by Emilie Mover

This Song is played in Bounce Commercial

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