The commercial opens with a man punching his time card. He is shown scrubbing the feet of a patient in a hospital who is in traction with a cast on his leg. As he works, he looks out the window, and stares at a billboard featuring the 2011 VW Jetta. Then the man is in the cafeteria, looking through the newspaper, where he finds a full-page advertisement for the all-new Jetta, and tears it out of the paper. He is then seen looking through the Classified section, where he circles a job that promises great pay.  
Next, the man is working at a golf driving range, collecting golf balls. As his cart is hit with a golf ball, he looks at the Jetta advertisement he tore from the paper, and smiles.  
Then we see this same man looking at a paper posted on a telephone poll that reads "Need some EXTRA CA$H? Part-time jobs, Pays big money, Call Roy" and he rips off a tag from the bottom of the ad. The next scene shows the man dressed in padded gear, working as the 'attacker' for a self-defense class, getting kicked and beat up by the women in the class. After the class, he is in the locker room, with pictures of the Jetta taped to the inside of his locker, as he sits on the bench and counts his money. 
Next, the same man is standing outside of a Volkswagen showroom, with his hands pressed against the glass, as he stares at the Jetta and watches a video playing in the background of the Jetta on the road. As the camera backs up, it is shown that he is working as a dog walker, with multiple dogs attached to him, pulling him away from the window. 
The man is also seen dressed as a giant hot dog, handing out fliers and dancing in front of Happy Dogs hot dog shop. He is peddling a rickshaw up a steep hill, painting his face in clown make-up to be a rodeo clown, posing nude for an art class, and then back to the hospital to the patient's room where the commercial first started. He looks out the window at the Jetta billboard, which is in the process of being changed. The new billboard reads "The all-new Jetta. $15,995". When he sees the price, his jaw drops, and he drops the bucket he's holding. As the bucket hits the floor, the camera pans out and the man is seen washing his brand new Jetta, that has a license plate that reads "MINE". The new black Jetta is parked next to a silver Jetta with a license plate that reads "MINE2".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Another day, another dollar 
daylight comes, I'm on my way 
another day, another dollar 
Working my whole life away 
My boss told me I'd get paid weekly 
And that's exactly how I'm paid (weakly) 
Another day, another dollar 
Working my whole life away

Written Text

The all-new Jetta. Surprisingly priced at $15,995. 
The all-new Jetta. Great. For the price of good. 
That's Das Auto. 
Mine 2 
The Fly-Over State

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