The commercial begins with a red Nissan Juke driving through the city. He is talking on the phone with someone who tells him they need donuts. He pushes a boost button on the dashboard and speeds off as if he is a superhero. He's speeding around passing people, and uses the dash computer / GPS to find the nearest doughnut shop. He pulls up to the donut store, hops out of the car, and smashes through the plate glass window of the shop, grabs a box of donuts, and speeds off again. He squeezes into a parking spot, then squeezes into the elevator as it is closing while the car locks itself. He runs through the office, dodging people and hopping over desks into the conference room where he slides the box of donuts to the boss just in time.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Kowalczyk (Co-wall-chick). 
Emergency Kowalczyk. 
What is your emergency? 
The intern forgot the donuts for the status meeting. 
It's okay. I'm on a mission. 
Professional Driver. Closed Course. 
That's right. We put a turbo on a sport crossover. The all-new Nissan Juke - innovation for success, innovation for all.

Written Text

Big House Donuts 
5353 West Chiat St 
tel: (800)-6477261 
The All-New Nissan JUKE starting at $18,960 
Nissan - shift the way you move

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