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The commercial starts with a shot of a housing subdivision with a line of cars driving down the neighborhood road. As the string of cars passes by a gas station, where the pumps are running, numbers quickly rising indicating high gas prices, a man on a bike is in the midst of the line of traveling cars. This is his new commute. 
Next, a woman is seen doing situps in her own house on an exercise ball. This is her new gym. 
A couple is sitting side by side, eating popcorn, watching a movie. As the camera backs up, they are sitting in their own living room. This is their new movie night. 
A little boy is sitting in a chair covered with a smock while he is getting his hair cut. It is the front porch of a house, where a dad is cutting his two little boys' hair himself. The new barber shop. 
There is a glowing tent in a dark backyard. The shadows of kids playing inside are seen on the outside of the tent. This is the new family room.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

A new day. New ways to save.

Written Text

a new day 
the new commute : bike 59.99 
the new gym : gym ball 11.88 
the new movie night : DVD 13.00 
the new barber shop : clippers 14.99 
the new family room : tent 70.49 
a new day. new ways to save.

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