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Microsoft Commercial for Windows Phone (2010 - 2011)

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Microsoft Commercial for Windows Phone

Fall/Winter 2010
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Plot / Description

This commercial shows a bunch of people walking around and going through life looking down at their phones. They keep bumping into people, and causing problems because they are not paying attention. Supposedly, the new Windows Phone (operating system) by Microsoft will change all that by making things quick and easy. 
The commercial begins with a man walking down the street, and then an image of a little boy in Asia missing out on the floating lanterns, a woman on the street, a guy riding a bicycle, a guy at the beach surrounded by women in bikinis, a woman in the shower, a girl jogging, and a masseuse using her elbows instead of her hands - all these people are oblivious to life and their surroundings because they are concentrating too much on their cell phones. The woman getting the massage looks back when she realizes what is happening and says, "Really?" 
We then see a man spilling his coffee, a father neglecting his child on the see-saw, a man ignoring his wife who is dressed in sexy black lingerie, a girl missing the show at a concert, a guy on a roller coaster, a guy sitting on the edge of a boat in snorkel gear while a shark approaches, and a guy who drops his phone into the urinal because he is using it while going to the bathroom. Again, these people are all missing out while using their phone. The guy standing next to the man in the bathroom asks, "Really?" as the guy who drops his phone picks it up out of the dirty toilet. 
We then see the guy in the rollercoaster again, and then the real trouble begins. The woman who was jogging runs into someone, another guy sits on someone on a public bench, a woman at a fancy even falls down the stairs knocking over multiple people, a bride walking down the aisle on her wedding day, an entire family texting at the dinner table, a doctor in the operating room, a man rams into another man spilling a drink everywhere, and a coach/father on a baseball field are all causing problems. A little boy on the baseball team shouts, "Really?" to the coach, the annoyed woman in the black lingerie says, "Really?" to her husband, and the little baseball kid throws the baseball and hits the coach right in the side of the head. 
The announcer then comes on and tells us that it's time we are saved from our phones as a mother ignores her toddler. A quick shot of the Windows Phone interface is shown, and then a couple is seen out at dinner paying attention to each other rather than their phone.


Really? Really? Really? Really? 
It's time for a phone to save us from our phones. New Windows Phone. Designed to get you in and out and back to life.

Written Text

Phone, People, Messaging, Outlook, Pictures, Microsoft Office, XBox Live. 
Windows Phone 
Samsung Focus 
Coming 11.8.10 
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