The commercial begins with a shot of a guy plugging his car into a GE WattStation (black top with GE logo, and blue stand). He meets up with a bunch of friends and they drive off with a full car. They go to a carnival (or some place with carnival rides) later that night and find another Watt Station to plug into. They drive to the beach and numerous other places. Each destination that go to they get something to hang on the rear view mirror, and soon it is a huge mess of beads, keychains, air fresheners, fuzzy dice, and more. Finally they get to a hotel and plug their car in again.

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While the world's been waiting on the electric car, maybe the whole time, the electric car has been waiting for this. The WattStation from GE. It's going to change the way we get to where we all want to go.  
I was young and I was stupid and I had just turned 17.

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imagination at work

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