The commercial begins with a red pickup truck pulling up next to an abandoned lot between two buildings overgrown with weeds and a broken fence. A boy in the passenger seat uses the voice recognition feature of his LG Optimus S smartphone to go to Facebook. He creates a group called "Join the Cleanup" to organize his project to fix up the empty lot, and people start receiving the invites and use their phone to read about it and get directions. Soon there are people working pulling out weeds, trimming brush, and hauling it away in wheelbarrows. Chairs are brought in, and the space becomes a useable area again.

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Is it a simple way to make a difference? The new LG Optimus S with Google Maps and Google Voice Actions. So is it a smartphone or something better?

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Join the Cleanup 
Is it a smartphone? Or something better? 
LG OptimusS / LG Optimus S 
LG - Life's Good

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