The commercial begins with two kids checking out and shaking the presents under the tree. One boy then throws a wrapped present to the other kid, and when he catches it, it becomes an Apple iPhone, and the other boy is dressed like a rap star with a track suit and furry hat. The other boy is dressed the same, and they start dancing with a new camera. An "Electronic Santa Claus" (which looks a little like a monkey) then appears and starts singing and dancing, and some nutcrackers join in to sing as well. One of the boys starts scratching a turntable with DJ Hero for the Wii

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Electronic Santa's going to rock your body 
Rock your body body 
Electronic Santa's gonna crash your Christmas party 
Crash your Christmas party party 
Electronic Santa Claus

Written Text

Have an electric holiday 
Target - expect more, pay less

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