"Sneaker Solo" 
This commercial begins with a man sitting on an outside stairway outside of an apartment in a city. He is lacing up some shoes and narrating the ad. We see him walking his Pit Bull, and he is wearing very colorful shoes. We then see him in his shoe store with someone else with a big red phone. He is then out walking his dog again using his social feeds and taking pictures with the phone (one of them being a pair of shoes hanging from power lines. He continues walking around and stops to talk to some people on the street. He then closes the flipphone and puts it on his shirt pocket. The shoe designer is then seen standing on the sidewalk with numerous pairs of shoes lined up.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If I could have any job, I would still be making and selling shoes.  
I need those. 
I love the Blackberry Style. The flip phone is great. For me, it's cleaner, tighter, and shares the pocket call. Social feeds is a good way to let the world know about the product that's in the shop and it's a good connection to the city.  
Looks good. Later. Take care. 
Commit to the flip. This is what time it is.  
Introducing the new Blackberry Style

Written Text

Alife (hat) 
Social Feeds 
Love what you do 
Introducing the new Blackberry Style 

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