"Bing is Beautiful: Football and Tailgating" 
This commercial begins with an image of Boone Pickens Stadium (Oklahoma State University Cowboys) as the background of the Bing home/search page (although the sample searches they do appear to be for Chicago's Soldier Field). Sample searching and uses of Bing are shown, starting with finding "Soldier Field Parking". After searching for parking, a zoomable map pops up helping the person find close and affordable parking for the game. Then the person searches for "taxi to Soldier Field" which pops up a taxi fare calculator. Then (even though they are taking a taxi), they start looking up "BBQ ribs recipes" for tailgating which pops up numerous recipes to choose from. They then search for "Snack Stadium" for football party food ideas which pops up some images. Next because it might be cold, they search for "Puffy Jacket" which brings up several shopping ideas. To further celebrate the game, they look up "body paint" so they can cheer on their team. This brings up a video of a fat man with no shirt on painted blue yelling "Go go go go!" while everyone else is bundled up in winter clothes.

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Bing is beautiful because it can help you decide the best way to the game. It's beautiful because it can show you how to grill or build the perfect tailgate. And Bing is beautiful because, super-fan or not, it knows how to survive any given Sunday. Bing is beautiful because seeing is better than searching. From now on, Bing and decide.

Written Text

Soldier Field Parking - $9 
Taxi to Soldier - Taxi fare calculator $13.35 
BBQ Ribs Recipe - Best BBQ Ribs 
Snack Stadium 
Puffy Jacket - Patagonia Slingshot 
(Bing) is Beautiful 
Bing and decide 

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