Two men are in a grocery store, trying to decide ifi they should buy guacamole or salsa, when the second man has decision overload and starts going on about salsa, which leads to talking about the film 'Animal House'. A food fight in the supermarket ensues, mimicking the food fight in the film 'National Lampoon's Animal House'.

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"I can't decide. Guac or salsa?" "Salsa is a distillation of many latin and afro-caribbean dances including the mambo." "What?" "Mambo No.5. A little Monica in my life." "You gonna be all right for the party?" "Parlimentary parties compete for seats in the house of commons!" "Common prime animals. Pigs. Oink, oink." "Animal House." "Food Fight!" "Please don't." Decisions shouldn't be that hard. Find the cure at, the decision engine from Microsoft.

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What has search overload done to us? bing & decide Microsoft

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National Lampoon's Animal House
part of National Lampoon

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This Movie is referred to by Bing Commercial
Someone mentions "Animal House", and then yells, "Food fight!" which begins a parody of the food fight scene from the movie.

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