This commercial begins with a group of guys at some club or event being led to a private seating area by a blond woman in a short black dress. They all sit down thinking they are cool for being there, but directly across from them is a celebrity party that they are not a part of. Dancing, drinking and having fun at this party is Usher (R&B singer), Hugh Laurie (Dr. House from House, MD), Joe Buck (Sportscaster for Fox Sports), Troy Aikman (former Dallas Cowboys quarterback), Michael Strahan (football analyst and former New York Giants defensive end), Jimmy Johnson (sports analyst and former NFL head coach), Terry Bradshaw (football analyst and former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback), and Howie Long (sports analyst and former NFL defensive end). In addition to these men, are lots of young, beautiful girls including one walking a cheetah and plenty of champagne flowing. At the end, we see the boring group of guys again, and the caption (It's good to have a ring) (i.e., a Superbowl Championship Ring).

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wow. Here you go gentlemen. 
This is how we do it boys. 
I like it. 
Huh, that's what I'm talking about.

Written Text

It's good to have a ring. 
Home of Super Bowl XLV (Super Bowl 45)

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