A group of guys are at a bar, ordering Miller Lite in the new Vortex bottle. One of the men questions the difference between a regular bottle and the vortex bottle. The waitress tells him that he would be able to see the difference if he wasn't wearing his sunglasses in the dark bar at night.  
The sunglasses at night guy orders the Miller Lite in the vortex bottle. The men are drinking their beer, when the song "Sunglasses at Night" plays. His friend tells him that his song is playing, and the 'sunglasses at night' guy claims it's not his song, but turns his head away from the guys so he can sing along without them noticing.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

"I'll have a light beer too." 
"Sure. Regular bottle, or a Miller Lite Vortex bottle?" 
"Regular. I don't see what's so special about that one." 
"Well, it's got grooves. Maybe if you weren't wearing sunglasses in a dimly lit bar, you'd see that." 
"Just came from outside." 
"It's midnight." 
Man up and choose the Vortex bottle. It's specially designed grooves let that great Pilsner taste flow right out.  
"Vortex bottle." 
"And they're playing your song." 
"It's not my song."

Written Text

Miller Lite 
Taste Greatness

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