The commercial starts with a couple standing at the ocean, walking to where the waves are washing up on the shore. They grasp each other's hands and kiss - as the narrator says "the original instant message". 
Next are two young guys, jumping into a lake, having fun. Two girls are off to the side, hanging on to the dock, watching the two boys. One whispers to the other and they both laugh as the narrartor says "Voicemail". 
Then there is a group of teenagers, boys and girls, talking to each other, all piled on a bed, laughing and having fun. The voice says "Chatroom full". 
Finally, a group of guys is shown playing soccer. As one of the players scores a goal and is greeted by his excited teammates the voiceover says "Friend request accepted".  
It ends showing a package of Dentyne gum, and hearing "Dentyne. Make face time."

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The original instant message. Voicemail. Chatroom full. Friend request accepted. Dentyne. Make face time.

Written Text

the original instant message 
chatroom full 
friend request accepted 
Dentyne. Make face time.

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