This commercial shows an outdoor wooded scene. As the camera pans down, we see a line of black beetles walking along. All of a sudden, rock music starts playing, and a black beetle with white racing stripes comes speeding by all the other bugs. He runs across a log bridge over a creek, shoots and skids past a centipede that walks out in front of him, jumps down a ravine full of mushrooms and toadstools, flies past two fighting praying mantises who stop to watch. It continues around a curve with a cliff on one side, passed a crowd of ants coming toward him, and finally jumps off a log high into the air and passes some dandelions before landing on a rock. As the color fades to black, a silhouette of the bug becomes a silhouette of a car - the new VW Beetle.

Written Text

The 21st century Beetle coming this fall. 
VW - That's Das Auto

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