The commercial begins with a couple getting a taxi in a city at night. As they open the door, instead of getting in, the girl gives the guy a long romantic kiss, and they both smile. (The "This Could Get Serious" Store.) 
Then another couple are the only two people on a city bus at night. The girl is snuggled up against the man and the hare both happy and content. (The "Life is Perfect" Store.) 
Next is a couple kissing on a pier overlooking the ocean. (The "It Just Gets Better" Store.) 
After these romantic Valentine scenes, the show us diamond earrings, diamond rings, and a heart-shaped diamond necklace. We then see a woman running up and jumping into the arms of a man on a city street. The are very happy to be reunited, or are just having fun.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You know all about her. They know all about diamonds. Together we'll find a perfect gift this Valentine's Day. That's why only Zales is the diamond store. 
You don't know what you do to me 
All I see is new to me

Written Text

The Store 
The This Could Get Serious Store 
The Life is Perfect Store 
The Store 
The Be Mine Store 
The Valentine's Day Store 
The Diamond Store

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