A man pulls into the parking lot at work, and is ready to get out of his car, when another car, driven by a chimpanzee, pulls in to the space next to him, leaving no room for the man to open his door and get out. He tries to get the attention of the chimpanzees, but they ignore him.  
As the man attempts to slide over to get out of his passenger side door, yet another car pulls in to the space on the opposite side, this time, scraping the side of the car as he pulls in to the space. This car is also driven by 'Ron', another Chimpanzee. The man in the first car is now trapped, unable to get out, because none of the chimpanzees will move their cars. He is stuck between a bad job and a hard place.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Driver in parking lot: "Guys! Uh, can you just give me a little space here? You just parked a little close! Guys! Come on guys! I got a meeting! Nevermind." 
Stuck between a bad job and a hard place?  
Driver: "Ron! Did ya, you notice maybe you clipped me a little bit there? Ron!" Start building

Written Text 
start building

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