This commercial for Target, features the various designers who have supplied their products to Target over the last five years. The commercial starts out with a woman holding a pair of white binoculars, looking at a woman wearing a black dress. She then runs down the street, which has street signs labeled with the different designer names. As the woman with the binoculars catches up with the woman in the black dress, she encounters other designer fashions. The next stop is a pink and white striped sidewalk with Jonathan Saunders name painted on the brick wall in the background. Next, there are women crossing the street, with a purple and white building, and more street signs labeled with the designers names, erin fetherston, Richard Chai, and Paul & Joe. As the commercial continues, the women are crossing another street, with a truck that has Tucker painted on the side, driving under a bridge. Tracy Feith is written on the side of the bridge, with Zac Posen on another yellow road sign. A woman carrying a bunch of pink balloons walks across the bridge, then is seen wearing a black and white polka-dotted dress, with pink tights, sitting on a bench with jovovich-hawk printed on the back. The woman from the start of the commercial, ends up in a bright green diner, walking through and smiling at all the designer clothes she sees other women wearing. After she bursts through the diner doors, she is outside in front of a large, wide staircase with the Target logo, the big red bullseye on the front.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The bests from their lines are back for a limited time. Five years of designers. Snag the one that got away.

Written Text

Temperley London 
Jonathan Saunders 
Erin Fetherston 
Richard Chai 
Paul & Joe 
Zac Posen 
Tracy Feith 
Behnaz Sarafpour 
Tara Jarmon 
Luella Bartley 
Target. Expect More. Pay Less. 
Available March 13th

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