Troy Polomlalu is limping down the players entrance toward the locker room in a football stadium. A kid calls out to him, asking if he needs any help. Polomalu says no. The kid then asks if Polomalu wants his Coke Zero. Again, he says no. The kid insists, so Polomalu agrres, but as he goes to grab the bottle he is interrupted by two men who are claiming that Coke Zero stole the taste from the original Coca-Cola. They take the bottle of Coke Zero and begin to walk away.  
Polomalu chases them, saying "Hey! That was for me!" as he catches and tackles the man who stole his Coke Zero. Polomalu stands up, takes a long drink from the bottle of Coke Zero, says "Hey kid!" then reaches down, rips the shirt off the man he just tackled and tosses it to the kid saying "Catch!". It's a parody of the 1979 Coca-Cola commercial featuring Mean Joe Greene.

Written Text

Real Coca-Cola taste and zero calories. It's possible.

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