This commercial shows famous Pittsburgh Steeler, and NFL Hall of Fame member, "Mean Joe" Greene limping off the field into the locker room after a rough game. A little boy calls out to him and offers him a bottle of Coca-Cola. At first, Mean Joe refuses, but then he takes and and downs the whole bottle. They boy thinks that's all the interaction he is going to get from his hero, but then Mean Joe turns out to be Nice Joe Greene as he throws the kid his game jersey.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Boy: Mr. Greene? Mister Greene? 
Mean Joe Greene: Yeah! 
Boy: You need any help? 
Mean Joe Greene: Uh uh. 
Boy: I just want you to know, I think, I think, you're the best ever. 
Mean Joe Greene: Yeah, sure. 
Boy: Want my Coke? It's okay, you can have it. 
Mean Joe Greene: No no. 
Boy: Really you can have it. 
Mean Joe Greene: Okay. Thanks. 
Boy: *sigh* See you around. 
Mean Joe Greene: Hey kid, catch. 
Boy: Wow! Thanks Mean Joe! 
A Coke and a smile 
Makes me feel good 
Makes me feel nice 
That's the way it should be 
I like to see the whole world is smiling with me 
Coca-Cola adds life 
Have a Coke and a smile

Written Text

Coca Cola 
Have a Coke and a smile. 
Coke adds life. 
Mean Joe Green

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