The Starbucks Barista writes the name 'Sue' on a white Starbucks coffee cup. The scene changes to coffee fields being planted and harvested - with a plant tag added to the just-planted coffee reading 'Sue'. The coffee beans are harvested, packed in bags and loaded into a warehouse. As the bags of coffee are unloaded from the warehouse, there is a ship waiting, with the name 'Sue' painted on the side. The coffee is then taste-test approved, as the tasters mark the form, approving the coffee for 'Sue'. Back at the Starbucks store, the coffee is carefully prepared by the Starbucks barista, finished off with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and given to the customer, 'Sue'.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(lyrics) We get up early just to start cranking the generator. Our limbs have been asleep we need to get the blood back in 'em. We're finding every day several ways that we could be friends. We keep on churning and the lights inside the house turn on. And in our native language we are chanting ancient songs. And when we quiet down the house chants on without us.

Written Text

Perfectly handcrafted for Sue. 
Perfectly handcrafted for you. 
You & Starbucks. It's bigger than coffee.

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