The commercial starts with pictures and postcards floating around, landing on a wooden table. A black and white picture of a family having fun comes to life in full color. A family plays in a field, tossing airplanes in the air to catch the wind. The airplane from one photo flies into another, of a woman with a red flower in her hair, and the man wearing a green and white plaid shirt, smiling as they watch the toy airplane fly overhead. They appear to be at a fair or festival. The next "photo" is a group of people on a carnival swing ride, swinging around in a circle, arms outstretched with a Ferris Wheel in the background. The next "photo" starts with a little boy, looking in to a camera lens, as the rest of the group stands in front of a car with a camper on top, in front of a river/stream. The next group of pictures starts with a black and white photo of a man, who tosses a lasso rope to the woman in the next picture. A group of people sits on top of a white fence. A little girl and her mother play a game at the carnival, tossing darts at balloons. The dart pops a purple ballon as gold glitter bursts out of the balloon. A group of people jump in the air, with the carnival rides behind them. The commercial ends with a postcard that reads "American Style Priced for All" and the family in the field, playing with the toy airplanes. 
This commercial begins with an image of numerous photographs spread out. The camera zooms into one of them and it becomes animated with people playing in a hose, riding on the swings at an amusement park, and finally a family playing with toy airplanes. One of the planes is thrown, and it passes across to another photograph with a couple walking at a carnival. Here we see the swings again. We then see a groups of people setting up a camera in front of an old station wagon to take a group picture. A man then throws a lasso across the photographs to catch a woman in a different picture. We then see people appear in an image of a white fence in the country. A girl at the fair throws a dart at a balloon and glitter sprays when it pops.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Early bird, up at break of day 
Good morning, good morning 
Day's dawning 
Sleepy Head, tumble out of bed 
Be a little early bird

Written Text

Wanna Americana 
American style priced for all 
Expect more, pay less 

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