In this commercial for Old Navy's Spring Styles, a woman with long blonde hair sings and dances, while showing off the latest fashions from Old Navy. She starts off in a gray jacket over a pink ruffled tank top and skinny capris, The jacket changes to a white denim jacket, over a red and white checked shirt. The white jacket is replaced with a camouflage jacket, and a yellow umbrella is added as the background picture changes from sunshine, to clouds, to rain. The next style is a purple sweater, over a yellow and white plaid tank, paired with green shorts and yellow rain boots. The next changing style is a black fedora, a gray dress with a white cardigan. As the model/singer dances, doing high kicks and splits, she finished the commercial wearing a yellow and gray patterned tank, with a long blue cardigan on top, cinched with a skinny yellow belt. She wears skinny gray capris and finishes the look with bright yellow flats.

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(Lyrics) When the temperature's a tease, I'm like weatherman please. A layer player, hot or cold, brings different flavors, I'm a layer player. A layer player. I'm a layer player. My way or the highway, I can drop my cardi. That's the way I start the party, I'm a layer player, hot or cold brings different flavors, I'm a layer player, a layer player. 
Spring shirts, cardis and crops from just fifteen bucks. Girls from twelve. Now at Old Navy.

Written Text

Hot or Cold 
New Spring Styles for Everyone from $15 
Old Navy. Turn Up Today 

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