This commercial begins with a shot of a desk in a modern office that has utility lights all around. On the table are what appear to be blocks of glass or plastic, but we later learn they are blocks of aluminum. A man picks up one of the blocks and presses it with his thumbs and begins to mold it and stretch it into shape. Soon he's got large metal parts in various parts that he continues to refine, bend, shape, and smooth. Soon we see that he is building the body of a car. After the frame of the car is built, he pushes it away and it starts spinning. On each turn, the final touches to the car magically appear such as the body, the tires, glass, and lights.

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Suppose you could make metal do anything you wanted. Use it in ways no one ever thought possible. At Audi, that's what we do. The new Audi A6 with aluminium (aka aluminum) hybrid body - engineered with a lighter touch.

Written Text

The new Audi A6 with aluminium hybrid body. 
Audi - Vorsprung durch Technik

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