This commercial features three old women at a "generic" fast food restaurant. In front of them is a sandwich with a huge bun. One of the woman takes the top bun off the sandwich which shows a tiny little burger with cheese and a pickle slice. One of the old woman shouts "Where's the Beef!" in response to seeing the tiny burger.

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It certainly is a big bun. 
It's a very big bun. 
A big chunky bun. 
It's a very big fluffy bun. 
Some hamburger places give you a lot less beef on a lot of bun.  
At Wendy's we serve a hamburger we modestly call a "Single", and Wendy's Single has more beef than the Whopper or Big Mac. At Wendy's you get more beef and less bun. 
HEY! WHERE'S THE BEEF? I don't think there's anyone back there. 
You want something better. You're Wendy's kind of people.

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Home of the Big Bun

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