"All. Together. Now" 
This commercial features a quick montage of many images including: 
Picture of a pig, an image of a desert tree or unusual cactus, smiley faces, an orange with real eyes and teeth (the Annoying Orange), a baby crying, video chat, watching videos, a lion hugging a man through a cage, the Android robot, an overweight woman falling off a chair, and the Angry Birds game.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Unlimited is good, and thanks to Sprint you can talk, text, and post as much as you want for no extra cost. So go ahead world, unlimit yourself. Sprint - America's favorite 4G network.  
ABCD, can I bring my friend to tea? (A B C D, can I bring my friend to tea?) 
Pink, brown, yellow, orange, and blue, I love you. 
Look at me. 
All together now. All together now! 
All together now. All together now!

Written Text

Add as Friend 
HTC Sprint - Sprint HTC 
i <3 U - I<3U 
Check in Here 
Unlimited is good 
Unlimited - The simply everything plan on the Sprint network 
Sprint All Together Now 
Unlimited Text, Unlimited Web, Unlimited Calling - Unlimited text, web, and calling

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