This commercial begins with a mother loading up a Samsung washing machine, and a little boy walking down the hall with a stuffed animal monkey. The mother asks for the monkey so she can wash it, but the little boy shakes his head no. Shortly after, we see the little boy in the bath tub with some toys including a little basketball. They both look over at the spinning washer and the mom decides to put soap into the tube to make a bubble bath. The little boy has lots of fun splashing around in the bubbles and looks over at his monkey sitting on top of the washer. When he looks over again, we can see that the monkey is inside the washing machine getting gently cleaned.

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Introducing the new Samsung washer featuring exclusive power foam technology. It creates a powerful, yet gentle, deep cleaning foam that thoroughly washes even large loads - no matter how precious. That's the wonder of Samsung.

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Mercy performed by Duffy

performed by Duffy

This Song is referred to by Samsung Front-Loading Washing Machine Commercial

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