Two women are working in an office. A tall woman, with long blonde curly hair, wearing a purple suit - named Jane Thompson - walks to her co-worker's desk to complain and whine about the guy she met online a few weeks ago. Her dark-haired co-worker, who is sitting at her desk, listens to Jane complain, rolling her eyes, until she realizes she can watch On-Demand shows on her computer while Jane is complaining. She watches 'The Closer' and is able to tune out Jane without Jane knowing she's not paying attention.

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You know how I've been dating that guy Andrew, for about three weeks, that I met online?

Oh no. Jane Thompson. But wait. What's this? Your Xfinity TV Moment! The realization that the world's greatest collection of On-Demand shows and movies, even HBO and Showtime, is only a click away. For the first time ever, your On-Demand is now online for no extra cost. Only with Xfinity.

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Xfinity TV Moment

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