This commercial for GE Technology, features a man describing the beautiful things he's seen in life. His memories of these beautiful images are shown in a series of video clips, that appear as old home movies. The clips begin with two young people, on a beach at sunrise, the couple sitting on some rocks at the beach, wrapped up together in a blanket. The same couple is then seen riding in a van along a long stretch of highway in the desert. As the van stops, the woman, sitting in the passenger seat with the door open, holds her cowboy boot upsidedown to empty it of the sand inside. She is then seen sitting in the desert, wrapping herself up in a red sleeping bag. The next series of clips is the woman, at a birthday party, showing off her pregnant belly. Then the woman is seen helping her daughter, dressed in a pink snow suit, down a set of snowy stairs, to play in the snow. The next clip is the family, getting older - two children and a dog, running outside, swinging on a tree swing, watching the fireflies in the sky. The couple is then seen sitting in a doctor's office, looking at a screen showing an image of the wife's test result, appearing relieved after learning that her cancer is treatable.

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I've seen beautiful things. I've seen the sunrise paint the desert. Witnessed snow fall on the first day of Spring. Watched fireflies dance about the evening sky. But the most beautiful thing I've ever seen was the image on the screen that helped our doctor see my wife's cancer was treatable. 
GE technologies help doctors detect cancer early so they can save more lives. Bringing better health to more people.

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GE imagination at work

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