The commercial begins with a view of an Italian countryside, as a car drives up the road to a country estate on a hillside. As a couple approaches the house, hugging each other, the children come running from the yard, where they were playing a game with the handsome Italian neighbor, to greet the guests. 
The two women are in the kitchen, preparing a meal, using Barilla Plus pasta. Everyone is seated at the table to enjoy a meal together, as the mother is complimented on the delicious meal by both her friend, and the handsome Italian neighbor.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

"Who's that?" 
"The neighbor. The kids adore him." 
"Barilla Plus. You're such a good mom." 
With natural protein, fiber and omega 3, Barilla Plus is a delicious way to make a nutritious meal.  
"Once again, the perfect meal." 
"Si, perfecto." 
Barilla Plus. It's a meal, and it's Barilla.

Written Text

Barilla Plus 
The Choice of Italy.

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