A mother and her daughter, a brown-haired little girl, wearing a white dress, orange-yellow sweater, carrying a teddy bear, walk through the streets of Italy, on their way to a restaurant for lunch. As they walk down the staircase to enter the dining room of the restaurant, the dark-haired mother makes eye contact with the handsome chef in the kitchen, exchanging smiles.  
The woman and her daughter are seated at their outdoor table, where the little girl adjusts the miniature bow-tie on her teddy bear.  
The chef takes another look at the woman and her daughter, before returning to the kitchen, and choosing a box of Barilla Piccolini Mini Farfalle (bow-tie) pasta to prepare. The chef brings the two plates of pasta - Barilla Piccolini Mini Farfalle for the little girl, and Barilla Farfalle for the woman - to the table, where the little girl exclaims "Papa!" when she realizes the chef is her father.

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Introducing a miniature version of the pasta you love. New Barilla Piccolini, in all your favorite shapes. New Piccolini. It's miniature, and it's Barilla.

Written Text

Barilla Piccolini 
The choice of Italy

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