This commercial for Labatt Blue Light beer, starts with a summertime backyard party. Two girls in bikinis are sitting in lawn chairs in the yard, next to a sprinkler, while behind them, a group of people are sitting at a table, under an umbrella when a man carrying a case of Labatt Blue Light beer. 
As the first bottle of beer is opened, suddenly the hot tub is full of ice and Labatt Blue light beer. With the next twist off top of beer being opened, the girls who were sitting in chairs in the yard, suddenly find themselves in a pool, lawn chairs and all. 
As the next few beers are opened, the wooden fence in the back yard is broken down as a huge crowd of friends, complete with a giant brown bear costume, come running in to join the party, as a neighbor, an old woman in a pink flower dress, looks on with her hands on her hips. With another twist of the top of a Labatt Blue Light beer, the old woman turns into a young redhead, wearing a swimsuit of the same pattern as the old woman's dress. She sets off running toward the party, that is now taking place in the pool. 
With each beer being opened, the pool party is now complete with outdoor lights, as the person in the bear costume jumps off the diving board, into the pool.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Blue Light. Better Beer. Better Times.

Written Text

Labatt Blue Light 
Better Beer. Better Times.

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