This commercial begins with the words, "It's gonna get hot today" and a fade in of the hand of a girl (Margaret Champagne) opening a can of Sun Drop soda. As the camera moves back, we see it is a young redhead wearing a thin red headband, a green Sun Drop t-shirt, jean shorts with stockings under them and leg warmers. As she is "dropping it like it's hot", she's shaking her butt with a dumb smile on her face on a city sidewalk. We later see a yoga class on the beach where she walks right through the middle off doing her silly dance. Soon after we see two young boys fishing from a boat and this girl goes by on another boat in the background doing her dance. The commercial ends with the girl at a summer party surrounded by other people dancing.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's gonna get hot today. Grab a ice cold Sun Drop and show us how you drop it. 
And drop it 
A thirst quenching citrus soda just dropped coast to coast. Sun Drop. 
That's how you drop it. 
Drop it like it's hot. 
Cause I got it going on.

Written Text

Thirst quenching citrus soda.

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