The Inside Edge 
The Before 
The commercial begins in a women's locker room. A woman getting ready to train picks up a Gatorade G Series snake and eats it before her workout. The camera zooms in toward her chest and as it gets closer and closer we can see the fabric of her shirt, and suddenly we are at another scene with her working out by running in place and doing other cardio exercises. Like before, the camera zooms in toward her chest this time zooming right up to the zipper and before it passes through her, again we are at another scene. This time it is a group of men in blue track suits getting ready. One of the guys has a squirtable pouch of Gatorade that he is drinking as the camera zooms onto him like it did with the women. The scene switches to the men shooting hoops on a basketball court. 
The During 
After the zoom we are now in a gym. A guy who is already sweaty is squeezing Gatorade from a bottle. After flying in on him, he is seen boxing with another guy. Next we see Green Bay Packers linebacker, #50 A.J. Hawk. He is also drinking from a Gatorade bottle and is then seen making a tackle on the football field. 
The After 
After this we see a blonde woman who has just finished her spinning class. After zooming, she is shown in the sauna drinking a Gatorade product. After zooming into her towel they show tennis pro Serena Williams making the game winning return and bringing her G Series drink to the press conference.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Get your fuel - before, during, and after. Get out what you put in. Gatorade. 
1, 2, 3 hit it! 
Watch me! Watch me! 
I got it! Watch me! 
I got it! Hey! 
I got something that makes me want to shout 
I got somethin' that tells me what it's all about 
Huh, I got soul and I'm super bad! 
I've got soul and I'm super bad 
Now I gotta move that tells me what to do 
Sometimes it's easy, ha 
Now I gotta move that tells me what to do 
Sometimes I feel so nice, I wanna try myself with you 
ha, ha 
I got soul. I'm super bad.

Written Text

The Before 
Oklahoma City Basketball 
The During 
Gatorade G Series

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