This commercial shows children playing on a playground. It starts with a little boy sliding down a slide, then running up the stairs to a wooden deck. He is quickly followed by a mother, a younger little girl (toddler age), and the dog. The little girl in a bright yellow dress is too small to run up the stairs like the little boy, and holds onto her mother's hands and takes one step at a time.

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We all want our kids to be ready for every new step. Mott's for Tots has essential nutrients they need, and it tastes just like the Mott's juice they already love, but with 40% less sugar. Growing up with Mott's is a great start. Mott's for Tots. Ready, set, grow!

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Mott's since 1842 
40% less sugar than Mott's 100% apple juice 
Mott's for Tots 
Ready. Set. Grow! 
Motts for Tots

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