"She's All Monster" 
This commercial begins in a college lecture hall / classroom. Sitting in the front is a large hairy female monster (named Teeny). After class she and her giant pink painted toenails step into her white Honda Civic HF. She and her friends drive off campus to go shopping. The long-haired monster tries on clothes while her friends give their opinions. They don't like the first two outfits, but like the pink sweater the creature tries on last. Driving to their next stop, Teeny pushes the "Econ" button to save gas. They stop to take pictures in a photo booth which they load in as the wallpaper for the onscreen menu in the car. At the end of the commercial the friends are all listening to music as Teeny sticks her furry hand out the window in the wind. 
Some people seem to think the character looks like something from the "Where the Wild Things Are" film.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The next generation 41 mile per gallon highway Civic HF. To each their own. Only from Honda. 
We turn it up, we turn it up. 
We're coming up, we're coming up. 
Out in the streets, I hear the crack of thunder. 
People keeping low, people searching for some cover. 
We turn it up, we turn it up 
We don't care what you say 
We're coming up, we're coming up. 
We don't care what you say.

Written Text

Fur Power (bumper sticker) 
Econ On 
41 MPG HWY (41 miles per gallon highway) 
Civic HF 

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