This commercial starts out with a couple sitting on the couch, obviously upset with each other after a fight. The guy tries to break the ice and make up by selecting "Despicable Me" from On Demand. The brunette counters with her selection of "The Break-up". They comes back by selecting and playing "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" by Chicago from Pandora Internet Radio. The woman then updates her Facebook status to "Single". Finally, the man starts playing their wedding video from "AllShare". This finally gets to her, so she selects "Love Actually" from OnDemand, and they make up while watching it.

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It's hard for me to say, 'I'm sorry'. 
Introducing the new Samsung SmartTV. Stream music and movies, connect with friends, and everything else you love. That's the wonder of Samsung.

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Samsung Smart TV 
Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, SPS TV, Pandora Internet Radio, Explore 3D 
Facebook - Status: Single 
Eliza Cook - dinner was great last night... can't wait to do it again. those tacos were so spicy lol!!! Ciao~ 
AllShare - Our Wedding

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