"Durant's Edge" 
This commercial features NBA basketball star, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. It starts with him listening to some music on his headphones before a game. 
The Before 
We see Durant drinking a Gatorade G Series drink in the locker room before a game. The camera zooms in on the drink and right before the camera runs into the bottle, the scene switches. On the basketball court we see him make a steal and then take it to the hoop and dunk the ball.  
The During 
After his play, he goes and sits on the bench to take a drink from a different bottle of Gatorade. Similar to the last scene, the camera zooms in until almost running into the bottle and then the scene switches. 
The After 
After the game, we see the athletes getting stretched and massaged. Kevin Durant is drinking yet another bottle of Gatorade to cool down.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

A jump start without the jitters. The proven push - stamina in a bottle. The original Gatorade. And thirst quenching protein that helps you restore your body while cooling you down. Prime, perform, recover. The G Series from Gatorade. 
I've got something that makes me want to shout. 
Yeah! I got it. 
Watch me. 
Ah, I don't miss nothing.

Written Text

The Before. The During. The After. 
Gatorade G Series

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