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Commercial for Labatt Blue Light (2011)

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Commercial for Labatt Blue Light

Spring/Summer 2011
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Plot / Description

This commercial begins with a group of friends hanging out on a roof. A guy comes up with a cooler of Labatt Blue Light beer. Everyone takes a beer, and as they unscrew the tops, people start appearing. The first guy twists of his bottle cap, and a pretty blonde appears to cook on the grill, and the small charcoal grill turns into a nice large gas grill. A girl opens her beer, and a guy watching the clock at work suddenly appears. The next guy twists off his cap and a guy who just ran into an open car door on his bike lands on the rooftop instead of the road. After he gets up, someone tosses him a beer. When he opens it, a bunch of cheerleads in red and white uniforms appear out of nowhere. As more beers are opened by all the new guests, a girl in a red swimsuit shows up, a bunch of guys with speakers appear and suddenly there's a huge party on the roof. At the end we see a beer delivery guy with an empty hand cart.

Voiceover / Dialog / Script / Spoken Word

Blue Light, better times. 
I woke up this morning, I think I need a kickstand 
The rhythm of the city got a hold of me like quicksand 
Going a million miles an hour when I crash into the weekend 
Call in the Cavalry  
(sounds like he says "Call in the Calvary")

Written Text

Blue Light - Better Times 
Blue Light imported