This commercial starts in a very fancy building, possibly a hotel. A man in a yellow coat and fedora is sitting in a shoe shine chair getting his shoes taken care of. We then see almost all the rest of the commercial from his point of view. He is looking at a Windows Phone and using Bing Mobile to figure out where to go after he is is done. He uses the phone's voice recognition to look up "Someday Lounge" because according to his calendar, he's got an appointment there from 10pm to midnight. Bing finds it and tells him where it is, and after sending an email to his friend, he using Bing's maps to get directions. He walks past a skateboarder and comes to a train which traces the route for. On the train are a bunch of grunge kids including one with a spiked mohawk. 
He reaches the Someday Lounge and the big bouncer lets him right in. As soon as he gets there someone hands him a microphone and he steps out on stage (still in his bright yellow coat). He carries a chair with him and stands up on it when he gets up to perform.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Someday Lounge 
Revolution town

Written Text

Someday Lounge 
About Reviews 
Someday Lounge 
125 NW 5th Ave 
Portland, OR 
Directions - from here 
Phone - (503) 248-1030 
Website - 
To: Tom perham 
in town. on stage @ 10 Someday Lounge 
Bing is beautiful on the go 
Bing & decide 

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