This commercial shows a bunch of people at a summer BBQ, but features in on the guy and a redheaded girl couple who sings named Angus and Alex. They sing back and forth to each other while kids play ball, have fun, and people cook on the grill (which causes a heart to rise up in the smoke). At the end, both of them are standing behind a clothes line which two little kids are holding that makes it look like they are wearing different shorts, but they let go and the clothesline and all the clothes fly up in the air.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's Old Navy Summer Tie Shorts 
It's Old Navy summertime shorts 
Tie your look together with new summer tie shorts, starting at just 10 bucks for everyone. Now at Old Navy. 
Hey BBQ-T (BBQT, Barbecuety, Barbecutie, Barbecue-T, Barba Cutie, BB Cutie) 
Are you talking to me? 
Your shorts got me spinning like a rotisserie 
Hey BBQ-T is it hot outside? 
Those sweet little strings got me all tongue-tied 
I can't help but staring at the tie shorts you're wearing 
I dig your summer look 
Now lean in and kiss the cook

Written Text

Old Navy Summer Tie Shorts 
Shazam to Shop 
Old Navy Records 
Summer Tie Shorts 
Adults from $15 
Kids from $10 
Old Navy

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