"Kung Fu Comeback" 
This commercial starts out with a still image of the cool bearded guy (Eric Monjoin) from Heineken's "The Entrance" commercial as traditional Asian music begins to play. We then see the martial artist from the same commercial that "fought" the guy for the bottle of Heineken beer. The Kung-Fu guy has drawn some eyes and glued some hair in the form of a beard or goatee on a pumpkin (or other gourd-like vegetable) for training purposes. We then see the Asian man training, meditating, jumping, and kicking to prepare for his next fight with the Heineken guy. At the end, he punches the pumpkin making it fall to the ground.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I met this man once. 
His technique was legendary. 
I have been training my whole life... defeat this man.

Written Text

Open your world

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It refers to...
Heineken Commercial

Heineken Commercial

Dates: - June 2011
This Television Commercial is referred to by Heineken Commercial
This newer Heineken commercial is a response to the famous "The Entrance" commercial.

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