"Dear Sophie" 
A father (Daniel Lee) uses the web to share memories with his daughter (Sofie Lee) as she grows up in this commercial for Google services including Google Chrome, YouTube, Picasa, and Gmail. 
Some examples of what he shared in addition to his email: 
Picture on day of birth 
Giggling baby 
Crying while riding toy train 
Picture of new baby sister 
Picture with tube in nose in hospital 
Video blowing out candles 
Picture of house + Google Maps Street View 
Picture of father and daughter underwater 
Picture on body board at beach 
Video of little girl falling while skiing 
Picture of little girl with missing teeth 
Video of girl riding bike 
Video of girl at dance/ballet class

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Are you ready for your big party today? Huh? 
(Baby laughing)

Written Text

Dear Sophie, 
You arrived! 
I am still getting the hang of holding you... 
Happy First Birthday! 
YouTube: This was Mom's idea 
You're a Big Sister! 
The first thing out of your mouth was 
You wanted to name him Salt. 
In the Hospital 
Wednesday after... was a really bad fever. I think you... 
as parents... put it. We felt so helpless... 
eating green peas and having some mac n' cheese! 
Love, Dad 
YouTube: 4th Birthday 
Our home for your first 4 years... 
363 Oak Street, Forest Lake, IL 
Best Father's Day Ever!!! 
Thanks! 1# Dad (#1 Dad) I <3 U (I Love You) 
FACE PLANT!!! Ski Trip 
The tooth fairy is going broke ;) 
You're growing up so fast 
...that I didn't share with everone at your party. 
...I know you already have one, but this one was 
in the making. I've been writing you since you were born. 
I can't wait to share these with you someday. 
Until then... Love, Dad 
Daniel Lee, Dad 
The web is what you make of it 
Chrome - google.com/chrome 
Get started with Gmail, Compose mail, inbox, send, subject, Email this video, Save Now, Discard, Chrome Web Store, Picasa, Share, Slideshow

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