The Target commercial begins with a little boy in a red shirt, standing at a display of brightly colored beach balls. As he tries to get one of the balls free, they all come tumbling out, bouncing on the floor. The little boy kicks one of the beach balls, and the Summer in 30 Seconds at Target begins. Target shoppers set up lawn chairs in the aisle, applying sunscreen to themselves. A blue, shark-themed slip-n-slide is spread out in the aisle as kids take turns sliding down into the mouth of the shark. A group of young adults pulls out an inflatable kiddie pool, pumping it up with a hand pump, filling it with a big red bucket full of water. Another couple sets up a tent, while a man next to them pours a bucket of sand on the floor of the aisle, creating a beach scene where a net is set up and a game of volleyball is played. An older couple is cooking on a grill while two girls spread out red beach towels side by side that read "Expect More." and "Pay Less.", with a red and white Target beach umbrella is opened in the middle of the two beach towels.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Everything you need to make summer funner. Expect More. Pay Less. (Lyrics) When I look up to the skies I see your eyes a funny kind of yellow. I rush home to bed I soak my head I see your face...

Written Text

Expect More. Pay Less.

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Pictures of Matchstick Men
performed by Status Quo

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