"Toyota Gauntlet" 
This commercial features a Toyota car going through a "gauntlet" - torture tests to prove and ensure its quality under stressful conditions. The car begins on a track moving through a snowy and windy climate. It is completely covered in snow as it moves on to the next test - extremem heat. It passes through thick metal doors into car-sized oven with electric heating elements on all sides. very quickly, the snow melts and turns into boiling water which evaporates away. The next room fills with freezing air/vapor (liquid nitrogen?) and refreezes the Toyota covering it in a layer of ice and icicles. It then rides up under a rocket engine and is engulfed in flames as the rocket fires. As the camera zooms out, we can see that there are still several more tests to go.

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During development we will thermal test a car to see how every part of it reacts when pushed to its limits. It may seem excessive, but that's how we test for quality. That's what makes it a Toyota.  
Love Hurts

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Oh what a feeling! 

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