A guy is sitting on the bottom bed of a bunk bed while two other guys (the techno twins) are in the room with him. One is holding a boom box, playing techno music while the other is dancing and twirling a ribbon. The guy on the bed is explaining that if he had better cell phone service, he could have gotten the call about getting on a train and going to Paris for the weekend. But since his service is so bad he didn't get the call, and is now stuck at a hostel with the techno twins.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Beep! Hey, Greg's phone. Greg doesn't have AT&T so he's got zero bars here in Brussels. So, thanks for the call about hopping on the train and heading to Paris for the weekend. Looks like you won't be hearing from us. Instead we're going to hang at this hostile with the Techno Twins - Slad and Veeder (sp?). Wooo! 
For the best coverage, switch to AT&T. More bars in more places.  
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Written Text

Best Coverage.

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