This commercial begins with a guy on a crowded beach. He is covered in sand, so he goes to the public shower to rinse off. At the show there is a container of Axe Body Wash which he starts using to soap up. As he uses his hands to lather up, the women around him start to (uncontrollably?) mimic his actions. He starts by rubbing his chest and a woman starts rubbing her chest. As he washes his neck the girl behind the bar starts to seductively rub her neck. As the guy bends over to do his legs and feet, two girls on the volleyball court bend over. Finally he starts washing his back which causes all the girls to untie their bikini tops. He leaves the shower with his hands on his chest which is where all the girls hands are (the only thing holding on their tops). He does his best to get them to move their hands, but he's gone washing with the Axe Body Wash, so they aren't copying him any more.

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Axe shower gel with new improved fragrances. The cleaner you are, the dirtier you get.

Written Text

The cleaner you are, the dirtier you get.

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